40th Cordillera Day

We, Solidagro in Belgium, send our warmest greetings of solidarity to the Cordillera people on this occasion of the 40th Cordillera Day celebration. Our continuing partnership with the CDPC through the years built a special bond with the Cordillera people.  Our ongoing project focuses on agroecology whereby farmers and all the stakeholders (CSOs and government agencies and officials) are engaged in a rights-based agroecological food system. Agroecology upholds the right to land and resources and the right to self-determination and is key to achieve food sovereignty and the right to food.

In our several visits in the Cordillera, we witnessed how organizations of youth, women, men and other sectors have courageously carried on their tasks to defend their rights to land and resources.  Despite facing several challenges in your pursuit for people-oriented development in your communities, Cordillera multi-sectoral organizations remain steadfast to struggle for a better future.

We believe that people and communities who feed the world need their collective rights protected in order to secure their access and control over their land, waters, seeds, knowledge and culture. We are with you in the call “courageously advance the struggle for land, life and honor”!

We salute all the Cordillera heroes who continue to inspire us.

Long live international solidarity!

Long live the Filipino people!