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A Common Agenda

In the 1970s, “development” was an abused catchword. Then in the 1980s and well into the ‘90s, NGOs — that is, non-government organizations — was the bandwagon to ride.

Yet long before development work even became fashionable, there were NGOs in the Cordillera that were steadily working to familiarize themselves with the region’s peculiarities. Laying the groundwork for the indigenous peoples of the Cordillera to involve themselves in the development process was itself a tedious task but it was the only way to build momentum.

These NGOs later pooled together to pinpoint common areas of coordination in order to synchronize the planning of projects to be implemented in the region. In 1986, these NGOs formed a consortium to begin drafting a comprehensive development plan for the Cordillera. Having collectively defined their focus, this consortium grew to become what is now the Center For Development Program in the Cordillera (CDPC) Inc.

Since the NGOs in the CDPC network were founded on specific development principles, their efforts are directed towards a common agenda: attaining socio-economic self-reliance for the people of the Cordillera region.

In pursuing this agenda, the CDPC draws its strength from the very same principles that shape the
Development approach of itsmembers:

  • Active and organized people’s involvement is the bottom-line of the development process.
  • A concern for the environment is vital to development planning to insure the sustainability of
    development work.
  • The concerns of the poor and the disadvantaged people of the
    Cordillera must be addressed with
  • Respect for the Cordillera people’s right to chart their own economic, social and political life.
  • Understanding the problems and specific needs of women and